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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Basics About VoIP Call Termination


The meaning of the term VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP call termination means receiving call from IP and delivering them directly to other PSTN, Cell Phone number using some SIM Boxes and Gateways. Due to its price and voice quality this service is going to be more and more popular around the world day by day. If anybody wants to start a VoIP call termination business, he must follow the following steps:

             First you need to setup your own SIM boxes and Gateways. A broadband internet connection is required to bring calls over VoIP.

             For PSTN call termination, normal phone line or E1 will be required. For SIM boxes cell phone SIM card will be required.

             Than you need a hosted server to run this service in the server.

             Now you need to find originators which will send traffics to the area codes.

Before start the service configure the network account and set up credit service with the originators. Now the whole termination process requires carrier management and perfect billing solution which will be include:

             Categorization of multiple IP addresses where Gateways and SIM boxes are running.

             Combined traffic across worldwide on a single public IP address and forward that traffic to different gateways.

             Routing each call at a lower cost for each gateways and SIM boxes.

             Call exceeding to a route must forwarded to the next available route, so the number of ports must be counted.

This billing solution need to be user friendly that will help user to access the carrier management to see the traffic and billing details. The quality of route is one of the main important things to increase the popularity.

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

VoIP Carriers - Smart Business Facilitators


VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology which has set a new definition of performance in the field of communication and has perhaps laid the foundation stone for the formidable success that is to grow to huge proportions in the future.

There are many reasons behind this technology being the most preferred one and all of them shed light on one particular feature of VoIP. Together they serve the role of being the reason giver who gives an explanation as to why this technology is so famous.

The primary reason is the low price associated with making calls based on this technology and hence the different VoIP carrier services that are being given to the general public have this underlying feature. Irrespective of the different types of the VoIP service providers, the customers are all satisfied with the performances which they enjoy as a result of using the benefits of the services of the VoIP carrier services being given by the service providers.

There are many different types of VoIP carriers, however calling cards are perhaps one of the most frequently used ones in the world of carriers. VoIP is becoming easily accessible as the main feature of type of carrier service is an absolute high quality performance. The user is therefore not committing a bad deal when he opts for a calling card due to the wonderful features of this service.

A VoIP service provider, now is quite likely to be found in almost each and every civilised corner of the world. The global population is therefore vested with the facility of using the advantages of this new feature. Internet being the dominating feature in all the aspects of human activities concerning business, has also included itself in this new genre of communication.
 The service providers, therefore all have their websites where complete information can be located about the different types of offers and schemes that are being provided by the service providers all over the world.

Hence the technology of VoIP has given a new look to the world of communication in the respect of bringing its features in a huge quantity by being the most accessible technology around. The low cost attribute is turning out to be the main feature of VoIP service providers all over the world.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Merits and Demerits Of SSO

Today Single sign-on or SSO has become the basic requirement for all the organizations who have multiple websites. The solution makes the whole complex and time-consuming website authentication process not only easy but also quick.
SSO solution allows users to authenticate to multiple websites using one credential. Earlier users needed to create accounts on each web application to get access. The process requires lots of time and adds numbers of passwords to remember. But with single sign-on, users need to provide credentials only once and they get permission to access all the other websites without entering credentials again.

Definitely SSO is a great option if users have multiple websites (belong to the same business) to access but it has some disadvantages also. In this article, I am going to explain some advantages and disadvantages of a single sign-on solution.


Reduces passwords
Passwords are very hard to remember. Suppose you have to access 5 different websites for the same business. Five different websites means, need to create five different credentials and remember them. Very complex situation, right?  But the systems that are protected with SSO solution have only one password. So, SSO solution reduces the number of passwords.
Simplifies password management
This feature is basically for IT support team. If you are working in an organization where you have to access multiple systems as part of your job, and when you leave the organization, IT team only has to decommission one account. This saves their time. SSO is very helpful for them in managing users or employees passwords.
Saves money
By reducing the number of support help desk call for resetting passwords, the solution saves money that is being spent on IT support team.

Now some disadvantages:

Single leak and you will lose everything
If you login to multiple accounts from one identity provider and somehow hacker manages to get your user account on the identity provider, he gets the authorized access to all resources that belong to you.
It doesn’t work if identity provider is down
For any of the reason, if identity provider is not responding, the SSO solution stops working and users can not able to login any of the resources that are linked to it.
These are some advantages and disadvantages of a single sign-on solution.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Two-Factor Authentication For Dual Security

How safe is your online resources and apps, do you have any idea?  In case you are believing you add up a layer of security over your accounts using security passwords, my friend you are wrong.

Cyber attacks are on rise and it becomes very common nowadays. Regardless of how huge the corporation is actually, it's not at all 100 percent safe and sound. There can be variety of events in which customers accounts of massive global businesses are affected. Yahoo is an efficient instance just where in excess of One billion customer accounts were sacrificed back in 2016.

These types of problems surprise the field of The web security and safety hour and hour and also raise a critical thought, “exactly how risk-free we are currently”?  Definitely no one can provide the perfect answer to question but the conclusion is passwords alone are incapable of securing our accounts.  Passwords can be suspected as well as hacked.

Speaking about cyberpunks, every single day they are really discovering additional skills, methods, developing and having better in hacking. Weak or less secure web applications are always a first priority of hackers. They are able to compromise end users information and credentials and can make use of them for unethical reasons. Every time they get gain access to credentials, they can use users info for unethical objectives.

From shopping to booking a air ticket, everything is connected with the Internet.  This means an endless ocean of opportunities for hackers.

The moral of the tale is, as a consumer you should be forewarn and perform the very best to defend your online personal belongings.  As I suggested earlier, security keys shall no longer be harmless right here deserves a alternative gives robustness to them.

To solve out the problem, IT researchers came up with a solution called two-factor authentication (2FA).

What is 2FA?

In this method, in order to login a system, users need to prove their identity at two different stages.  Failing in any of the factors stops end users entry to the services.  This unique extra wall of security restricted the unauthorized entry.

Typically, there are 3 kinds of variables which often are used as the second aspect. | The variables which are used as subsequent part are:

Out there from the outlined elements, probably the most common aspect is actually a thing you already know. This consists of a username and password, a secret codes, answers to any personalized query or perhaps something which usually basically users know. However there are several threats related to it, first is the fact that secret answers or perhaps usernames and passwords might be guessed. The second reason is, many times users forget about their own passkey and secret responses.

The following component is anything you possess like a smartphone or even email address id. Within this solution, a unique computer code or even token is provided on users’ authorized mobile phone variety or email address id. In an effort to gain access to associated solutions, they should enter in that program code or expression. The process is incredible however threat related to this procedure is, the user struggles to receive the code if he / she loses his or her smartphone.

The next component is one thing that you are. This factor is recognized as as the most trusted solutions within 2FA. In this, the consumer has to deliver his / her biological evidence just like his finger-print, tone of voice and many others. to get easy access. There is absolutely no threat of losing the username and password or mobile devices.Customers do not need to worry regarding passwords or cell phone lose. However one of the concern is, it is extremely pricey plus its difficult to handle this almost everywhere such as mobile phones.

That is a fundamental functioning of two-factor authentication. Now let us discover what exactly are its amazing benefits for both customers and also organizations.

Increases Security:

One of the most important pillars for any enterprise is definitely security. Companies are investing thousand us dollars to keep on their own and their consumers protect right from cyberspace strikes. Because amounts of security passwords tend to be growing every day and to free ourselves from the password worry,  possibly we all write them  down someplace or even keep exact same password for all the possible web providers.

Two-factor deals with this particular challenge by adding extra factor aside from passwords. Even if someone gets being successful in assuming or maybe hacking the security password, he or she can't gain access to the service because the presence of the 2nd aspect.

Minimizes operational expenses:

The method allows businesses to lower down their functional charges. Employees can easily access corporations web servers as well as sources on their gadgets. All they need to install is a application regarding producing tokens and secret unique codes.

2-element authentication is one of the highest quality ways to protect accounts access for every sort of software. A lot of hot-shot companies for example Google, Twitter, Yahoo etc. have mentioned their consumers enable 2FA. And this is very important in case you actually want to maintain your online resources safe and sound as well as cyber criminals out.

Improves productivity by improving flexibility:

2FA makes it possible for end users to gain access to shared data source and also techniques. They also can permit to access company’s web server making use of cellphones or any type of some other products. This permits them to function distantly this also inevitably results work productivity.

If you have any doubt let me know in the comment section below.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Different Types of Customer Testimonials

The success of a brand doesn't lie in how many units of product it has sold, or how much traffic it is getting, but it lies in how satisfied its customers are. It's about how much its customers like to working with it and how much likely they are going to make the purchase again. Customer Testimonials are the kind of stamp of approval of your brand.

After all, nothing feels better than someone else (not you) saying how awesome you are, right? This is what gives your brand a true recognition. Customer testimonials hold even more value for small businesses as they don't have the big brand reputation. Basically, the right utilization of customer testimonial can address the reservations that are currently going on to your audience's mind.

Different Types of Customer Testimonials

The best customer testimonials are not only latest, but are believable too (Not overly positive). In this article we are going to discuss three types of customer testimonials and their importance.

1. Customer:

These are the testimonials that are given directly from the customer. Whether solicited or not, it is the most candid one. You can make use of these testimonials when you want to profile your real customers who have actually used your product and services. Check out this article to understand how to get Influential Customer Testimonials with examples.

2. High profile person:

This kind of testimonials can come from both customer as well as someone who is familiar of the product. The only difference is that they are well known personality, either in general or in a specific niche. These types of testimonials are extremely precious as they provide huge trust among customers.

But again, you must use this testimonials sparingly. For eg, if your website has too many high profile customer testimonials, the effect will be diluted.

3. Product/Press Reviews:

Such kind of testimonials come from the people whose actual profession is to create report on the specific topics. Most of the organizations usually have a press section on their company site where these kind of posts are mentioned. These kind of reviews are specially effective if they have appeared in some well known publication or written by well-known person.

So friends, hope you are clear on various types of customer testimonials. Choose the one that best suits your brand.

Monday, 21 August 2017

3 tips to secure your existing wordpress website


When was the last time you looked at your website and felt relaxed? I am sure your website must be hack proof or intrusion proof?

Well it it’s not, then there should be no reason to feel relax then because anytime the mystery can strike and fall apart your website.

I am talking about your website security. If your website isn't secure, it can cost you money, clients and most importantly, your reputation.

This post is about wordpress security, implement these 3 tips to secure your wordpress website.

Regular updates: You may forget but hackers won’t. The basic reason behind any update is that either the update will have a bug fix or a performance update.
Hackers constantly seek opportunity to exploit version of plugins, themes and wordpress core. Once they get the key, they target that version of wordpress installation.

Webmaster  who regularly visit their dashboard are aware of latest updates, and eventually update it too. But for webmasters who do not visit often are unaware of updates.
To maintain the security,  reputation and performance of the website, updating website is necessary. To do so, you can enable automatic update by adding this code in wp-config.php file.

define(‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, true);

Adding SSL Certificate: SSL certificate helps in encrypting data transferred from user to the server. The data is encrypted so that no one can access it directly. The data can include transaction id’s, user name, password, secret message etc.
Install a free ssl certificate on wordpress site to save yourself from eavesdropping on your site. Free ssl certificates are fully functional and effective.

Premium hosting: wordpress can be hosted on any type of server but it is always recommended to use a wordpress dedicated hosting, such hosting are configured for wordpress websites for optimum performance and security.
Such hosting have dedicated hardware and software to keep security intact without improvising with speed and functionalities

These are the three tips to secure your existing wordpress website.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Two-Factor Authentication: Need of Modern Web Security

Having an online presence of a business has become one of the most important requirements of today’s modern digital era. Businesses are transforming themselves from the traditional form to online at an alarming rate. And why not, it is a great option to build presence globally in a short duration of time.

There are many factors associated with doing business online. Having information about products reputation and most importantly security are some of them. Customers share their private information with businesses in return of better and personalized services. In such scenario, it is a duty of businesses to safeguard their private data from the attackers.

Keeping customers data safe from the hands of cyber attackers is a new challenge for the website owners. There is a never-ending race between IT experts and hackers, so it is very important for business owners to implement the most effective solution against the cyber threats.

According to IT researchers, login to a website is a stage where most of the attacks took place. Therefore strengthening the authentication process is very important. One of the methods they suggest is implementing two-step authentication or 2FA.

As the name suggests, the solution adds an extra security layer. In this type of authentication process, in order to achieve access to a website, users have to pass through two different checkpoints. If they fail to prove their identity on any of the checkpoint, they will not be allowed to access services that are protected with 2FA.

OTP-based 2 FA is one of the most means of authentication. Search engine giants like Google and Yahoo or several other big names including Facebook, Twitter etc. are already suggested their users to enable 2 layer authentication to keep themselves secure.

The process is very important for industries like banking, insurance etc. where customers information is very critical. That is why you receive an OTP on your mobile phone whenever you make any online transaction.

Two-factor authentication has become the need of modern security world and it is gaining more popularity day by day. Enable the solution wherever it possible and save yourself from the trouble of cyber attack.