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Easy Retro Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

No matter from which age group do you belong to, Retro style decorating is loved by all. No matter you are fond of the bright funky prints or lovely colors of the 70s era or the straight lines and polyester patterns of the 60s and 50s, retro decorating is a fun way to celebrate the past. Today we'll discuss a few easy retro decorating ideas for your bedroom, and we will be focusing on 70s retro décor since it is the most popular form of retro decorating.

Easy Retro Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Easy retro decorating ideas for your bedroom:

Shag carpeting- Nothing says 70s retro décor like shag carpeting. But instead of installing wall to wall shag carpeting that will quickly become ragged and worn down, just pick up an inexpensive shag carpet throw rug. These can be found fairly inexpensively at places like Walmart or Target. Buy one large shag carpet, or several smaller ones in various colors to give your retro bedroom a truly authentic look and feel.

70's retro bedding - Bedding is one of the most important aspects of any room, as it is usually one of the first things people notice. Find funky 70s king size flat sheet such as tie dye bedding, peace sign bedding, or psychedelic themed bedding for your retro bedroom online or at specialty retailers. Be sure to select bedding that will blend with the color of your shag carpeting. For example, if you've selected a deep blue shag carpeting, look for bedding that has just a hint of that color mixed in with the print.

Retro bedroom accents

Beaded curtains - This was something that was commonly seen in the 70s. Beaded curtains were used in doorways in place of doors, or behind beds in place of headboards. Add a few beads to your retro bedroom to give it a fun and exciting look.

Disco ball - A popular part of 70s pop culture was disco music. No 70s retro bedroom would be complete without a disco ball! Obviously, this isn't something you want to have to wire and attach to your ceiling permanently. Instead, purchase a desktop disco ball for under $20 (find them at Walmart, Spencer's Gifts, etc.) and place it on a side table next to the bed.

Retro posters - Decorating the walls of your bedroom with those funny retro posters from 70s era is also a wise option. Though not easy to find in general stores, you can purchase retro posters from a store which specifically sells 70s products.

Lava lamp - Lava lamps were huge in both the 60s and the 70s. Finish your retro bedroom off with a colorful lava lamp. Groovy! 

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