Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Human Psychology of Social sharing

Why do people share?
The answer is very simple but it lacks clarity. It is not complicated but what is required is more clear answer which can prove it’s point. According to a study by The New York Times Customer Insight Group it was discovered that there are few basic points or reasons which makes a user share a content. By understanding the psychology, why people share you can better evaluate your own content and it’s ability to strengthen traffic and blog of your blog.

>>To bring valuable content to others
49% say they share as they want to inform others about the products they use and is satisfied with. They want to spread awareness about something they trust to people they care. Not an endorsed promotion but as an act of being helpful drive them to share products or services . Generally such type of people are a long time customer of an service or are using a product for many years and found it safe and trustworthy. Generally such customers are not intimidated by discounts or free addons but just with the quality of the product but they love to get appreciated for being a loyal customer.

>>To define ourselves to other people.
68% of people share content to show their interest to others, what they like, what distinguishes them from others. They want to show to people, who really they are and what interests them, what they care about. For example let’s take a user who is an physics graduate but likes to go hiking and plays violin. He has interest in playing violin too and always remains updated about nearby events related to violin.

>>To nourish our relationships
78% of people share because they are too busy in their daily life and often get chance to interact with old buddies or new contacts. It is not possible for them to talk to everyone at once and if they stay silent or show no type of interest, it may ruin their relationship with that person, say it’s personal, business or casual. People start making perceptions , that too wrong one.

69 % of people share because they want to feel their involvement amongst others and the world. Let’s imagine FIFA season in on and all the friends are tweeting and blogging about it, it is human tendency that makes a person to be involved in FIFA(even though it lies in your Not-Interested list) otherwise one will feel neglected because fear of being labelled as odd among the group.

>>Easy to Share
79%  of the people says that they find it very convenient to share, they find social sharing plugins in header or footer of a blog post, like wordpress social share in wordpress based websites, Drupal Share for blogs running in Drupal, Product Share for E-Commerce Websites etc. They just need to authorize and add their message along with the share and share it on their favourite social network. So this makes it easy for them to make it available to their trusted ones.

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