Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Why a business need a reliable Identity management platform?

The age of smart phones has taken the digital world to a place where one can stay connected 24/7 hours with the business and this is the only reason why people are moving online to buy their specific products and hire the services they want. You will be surprised to know that the overall internet expenditure is around $1.672 trillion per year and this figure is rapidly growing and is expected to reach a target of $3.551 trillions in the next 3 years. These huge numbers completely reflects the interest of online users in this fast revolving world of web to fulfil their daily chores and buying products.This also opens up a lot of opportunities for the businesses who want growth and profit.

Today we are in a world where a business is successful not only because it has a great customer interface that attracts a large number of visitors but it also has a strong customer base for the maintenance of its customers. The aim of a business should not be focused on how many visitors it has per day but it should be targeted towards how many successful conversions it has from that traffic. And it is possible only when the customers have a smooth error free interaction with the business.

All that customers want is to buy the product they want in the simplest possible way. And for that there should be a proper understanding of the customers. Customer identity management platform makes this entire thing easy for an organization.

Here in this article i am going to explain some reasons why identity management platform is needed for your online business:-

1. The main reason that distracts your customers is the complicated process of customer registration. No one is really free to fill a long form just to get registered himself with your business. Your visitors visits your website with a purpose in their mind and the longer you take to complete their desires the more it irritates them.

2. Your site traffic is rapidly increasing  which is awesome but you don't have enough resources to manage them. In such situations a robust customer identity platform gives you a secure and scalable solution that manages your growing customer base and identity.

3. when you have multiple web properties and every time when a user comes to any of your web portal you ask for login or sign up- what do you think this thing entertains your visitor? No, it actually irritates them and force them to leave your web property at that instant only. A customer identity management with single sign-on feature solves this issue by allowing your users to use the single credential set across all your resources and what you get in return is a unified customer view.

So just opt a customer identity platform to solve all your hurdles that are coming in your way of success.
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