Tuesday, 26 July 2016

5 questions to ask before getting a website

With so many businesses wanting to go from just brick and mortar to having a web presence getting a website has become the question. Do I hire someone to build it? Can I do it myself? What programming language should it be in? Would I be better off using a content management system such as drupal, Joomla or WordPress? What are tools I need to implement to provide better user experience? All of these are questions that need to be answered before you start.

If you planning on a big website then it just might be beneficial to hire someone to do it. Before you do hire anyone there are some things that you need to find out such as the prices, do they specialize in a certain area of website design, do they do maintenance on the site after it is built, if you can check some of their previous work and do they provide any training you will need to run the site.

The most important thing that you need to focus is user experience. Providing user experience should be your top most priority. If you have multiple websites that are related to other and user’s need to login each of them to complete the task, then providing easy authentication on them is must. You can implement single sign on or SSO for this. The technology allows your users to login all the websites of your by using only one username and password.

The other points that you need to keep in mind before getting a website are:

On the subject of web design languages, it can be quite complex. There are many different languages out there are new ones showing up all the time. Some of the scripting languages such as PHP, CSS, and XML can be easy at least to get the basics down While other languages such as Perl, Ruby and Java can take more training but give you more flexibility. Your best bet will probably be to find someone that specializes in one or two of these languages to build your site.

On content management systems most of them are fairly easy to learn and use to build your site. The main drawback is going to be that you don't have anyone to rely on to do maintenance on the site but yourself. Even though there are online tutorials you won't have anyone to provide training.

Once you do finally get your site built there are any number of hosting sites. Some will allow you a small amount of space for free and then you can upgrade as your business grows and that might be a good way to start. Then there are many cloud services that offer a flexible space for a small fee. The second option might be more to start but if you are going into a business that tends to fluctuate you might be better off with a cloud service that can grow and shrink with your business.

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