Friday, 15 July 2016

Implement Single Sign-On to Boost User Experience!

The first and the most important factor that helps a business to survive is user experience. If you have an online business then you have to pay special attention to it. The reason is simple, you don’t know your customer by face to face. All you know is their digital identities. So, everything is based on the service or experience you are offering. The Great user experience leads to build more trust among users. But on the same side, if your users are not providing the services that they deserve then the situation is very critical. You immediately have to take some revolutionary steps to boost user experience.

Here I am going to explain a way that will help you out to boost user experience.
Do you ever hear about Single Sign-On technique? If no, it’s okay! You are at right place, I will explain to you about this magical technique that helps you to boost your user experience.

Single Sign-On(SSO) is a process that allows users to enter a single password and username for accessing multiple web services and applications. By SSO technique, the user is authenticated for the web applications they have the right to access. It eliminates the further need to login when the user wants to access other related web applications of the same organization.

SSO removes the fear of passwords. Without SSO, users have to create a new username and password each time when they wish to register any new website. Now, suppose a scenario where there are a number of websites that are related to your business and your users have to access them all. If you don’t have SSO then users have to register on them individually.  That leads to more usernames and passwords. But on the other side, if you implement the SSO method, the user needs only single set of credentials. This reduces the user's headache of remembering passwords.

The single sign-on method also makes the whole authentication process simple and fast. With just a single click of the mouse, users can authenticate numbers of websites. This saves users time and effort they invest during login.

From the security point of view, this is one of the most trusted ways of authentication. It is very difficult for IT thieves to steal user’s credentials. Thus, users data is highly secure.

After all providing the best user experience is the ultimate aim for any business who wants success. And making user authentication simple and quick is the first and foremost step towards it. Because authentication is the first phase where the user is an encounter with. Therefore, SSO can make it easy for your users to login to your business websites and improves their experience.
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