Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Things that every Tech Startup should know about!

Aspiring tech entrepreneurs are aware that there has been never been a better time for starting their own business. Tech startups have become widespread in today’s market and a large number of them have become successful. However, for every tech startup that succeeds, there are countless others that fail. Why? This is because they are not aware of some of the most important things. Here are the top tips that every tech startup should have knowledge of in order to survive and succeed in this.

Competitive market:

Ensure your proposition is viable: 70% of tech startups fail within 12 months of operation. This can be due to a variety of factors, but it is necessary for you to spend some time in coming up with a strategy and implement it for avoiding uncertainty and risk. When you have a plan, you know which direction you need to take and it is easier to determine the plausibility of your ideas. Once your focus is clear, you can get your business off the ground and work towards your goals. If your proposition is now viable, it is unlikely that your startup will go past the first year.

Providing Customer Experience:

The success of your business totally depends on the level of customer experience that you are giving to your customers. For online  businesses, it becomes more important because there is no face to face contact between customer and business. Businesses can implement the single sign-on solution to provide easy user authentication. It will definitely improve their experience by allowing them to login dozens of websites of the same organization.

Relationships matter a lot:

Go into business with people you trust and know. Members of a team should have an understanding and respect for one another so they can work together and achieve success for the business. Per Wickstrom, a successful entrepreneur suggests “If you don’t get along with your teammates or business partner, it will have an impact on your productivity. But, when you are working with someone who complements you, it will enhance your talents and help your business”.

Maintain your focus:

Rather than trying to focus on several things at the same time, it is best to do one thing at one time. Why? Don’t you think it is better to do one thing well instead of doing several poorly? Try and enhance one aspect of the business first and then move onto the next. This allows you to complete a task effectively and efficiently. For instance, being in the web development and design business, don't start accepting projects of logo design, web design, different programming languages, etc. Instead, focus on one area or two, and gradually add more operations.

Don’t be influenced by emotions:

It is time for you to set your emotions aside when you are establishing a tech startup. There will be numerous situations, some tougher and complicated than the others, and you will have to make decisions you have never made before. You need to learn how to control your emotions to ensure you are not taking steps rashly. A small level of stress is healthy as it keeps you going, but anything prolonged is going to damage your chances of success.

Networking is crucial:

The success of any business is impossible without networking. You need to communicate with relevant contacts for getting the company known and building a reputation. This could mean connecting with industry professionals or your target audience. The more people you know, the more business opportunities will be open to you.

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