Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Lazy Customers: How to make your Customers Lazy !

Hi, Let’s make your customers lazy. Let’s make most of your customer’s time productive. Let's increase your sales.
Lazy, Productive and Sales combined doesn’t make any sense and neither their combination seem to be productive or generate sales. Impossibilities are vast but possibilities seem none.
Well,  while continuing through this post , you will find impossible, turning possible.

When we are talking about technology , there were several factors which were considered as a full stop to IT innovations like multiple people working simultaneously on a single document, video calling, using software features without installing them (SAAS) etc. Either they were result of brainstorming which was written on a piece of paper and considered impossible after fet attempts or just an idea waiting for resources to kickstart.

Productivity and Sales are terms which are favourite to marketeers and business owners. They understand and implement, technology and ideas if it involve either productivity, or sales or both and that too which is beneficial.
Customers are the base of most of the businesses i.e B2C and making them lazy is spoiling them, which too isn't a good term for businesses and marketers.

How about relating customer experience with laziness? Still the same, Negative !
Making customers lazy is referred to as providing them ease of things. How you can make your customer’s interaction easy, how can you provide them accessibility and ease of use while their interaction.

Making customers comfortable and easing whatever and wherever is possible is the trend, as the studies have suggested that, more the customer is comfortable with your service and experiences, more likely they will convert to Repeatable customers, and hopefully be your loyal customers.  Customers which promote your brand because of their experience and good customer care.

One such solution exists which can make your customers lazy is Single Sign On Solutions. Single Sign on solution gives easiness to customers of logging in using a single credential on multiple portals owned by single owner or partners. Users need not to login every time they access new website, after redirection or after opening a new tab.

Taking example of google, as you login to any Google service , you automatically get logged in to other services, so when you access other service in same session, you automatically get logged in . You get seamless user experience, and saves time on inputting passwords or remembering them.
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