Monday, 12 September 2016

Free User from Passwords: Implement Single Sign-On

Passwords! The thing that is not loved by anyone. They are the combination of alphabets, numbers or some special characters, thus they are very difficult for us to remember. I have many passwords including my atm pin, email accounts passwords, Facebook login password and a lot more. There are many passwords that I forget all the time for different web services and always send a request for a new password. I know I am not the only user who forget his passwords, we all are same. We have a list of endless web services to access on the daily basis and require an endless set of credentials for the same. Thus it impossible for us to remember a set of endless credentials.

In such scenario, if the user is working in an organization that has numbers of websites and applications then the situation is very critical for him because he already has a list of endless credentials. Now, to perform different tasks he needs to login to each website of the business that too with different usernames and passwords. So, a need of a technology felt that could save us from the mentioned scenario. After long efforts, IT innovators came up with an idea of Single Sign-On(SSO) tool.

The solution saves users from the hectic scenario by allowing them to access all the web services and applications of the business using only single set of credentials. That means SSO eliminates the need of login each website with different credentials and limited it to only single username and password.


Single sign-on saves employee’s time that they are spending on logging in to different websites. By removing the fear of remembering passwords SSO results in improving productivity. It also helps businesses to make more profits by reducing the support help-desk cost. For users, the solution helps them to concentrate more on the content and products of the business instead of remembering passwords and wasting their time on logging in to websites.

Implementing single sign-on solution has become the most important need for businesses nowadays. It free users from passwords and provides them a way to explore more and know about the business. So, do you want to make your users free from passwords? If yes, implement a single sign-on solution as soon as possible.

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