Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How to start Blogging part 1

Blogging is something that everyone can do, but it needs lots of dedication and knowledge to excel in blogging.
Who can do blogging? Anyone can do blogging. From an school student to an professional. Even your grandpa can start his own blog writing about his life experiences, writings or even a podcast singing Oldies.
As I said earlier one just needs passion and knowledge to start a blog. If anybody wants to share something he/she has expertise in or wants to help, blogging is the perfect medium to start.

The basic of blogging does not start with content but with something which is very essential to run a blog i.e a domain name and Hosting.

Domain name is the identity of your blog. It is not necessary for domain name to include your niche, instead it should be simple to remember. If you have an SEO expert beside you or you yourself are an SEO Expert, then hard to remember domain name won't be a problem.

Now comes the hosting part, which seems easy but is full of complications upon digging in.

There are 2 types of Platform bloggers get.
  1. Free or Self Hosted
  2. Paid hosting

Free or Self Hosted Blogging Platform: You might have seen many bloggers using a long domain name like fashionhub.wordpress.com or NYC554.blogspot.com etc. They are the free or self hosted platforms.
Main domain here is Wordpress.com. The domain which one ownes here is xxx.wordpress.com, which in real is subdomain.

The best thing with self hosted Blogging platform is they are free, no charges for hosting them, managed by company itself.
Demerit with self hosted Platform is that it has only basic plugins which are default .

Paid Hosting: Paid hosting is where you have to buy each resource. From domain name to web space. Most of the domain providers provide hosting services also, which makes search for hosting easier. No need to configure hosting until and unless hosting is purchased from another vendor.
Positive side of paid hosting is that you own the domain name, unlike free hosting the the site is hosted on main site, not the sub domain.
Blog owner can also install required plugins, if they are using Wordpress , they can easily search for plugins like Wordpress Social Share, revolution slider, Yoast SEO etc. directly from the plugins page.

Now it’s upto you which side to choose. Both sides are the beneficial, some financially some resourcefully.
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