Tuesday, 6 September 2016

It’s All About First-Party Data!

Just like we love first-hand brand new car, businesses have shown their love for first-party data. First-party data is the first priority for the businesses. The reason is simple, it is provided by the user or customer itself or not by any third-party business. Through first-party data, businesses are able to get deep customer insights like his needs and demands, likes, dislikes, preferences, choices etc. It helps them targeting the right audience and offer products and services accordingly.

Now, what is First-party Data?


In simple words, we can say that the data that is driven directly from the customers is termed as first-party data. It can include user’s data from behavior across all web properties and social data. Since the data is unique, so the insights it gives would also be unique. Consumers also prefer to do business with organizations that use the personalized information to make their experience more relevant. Thus for online businesses, it plays a significant role.

How Single Sign-On helps businesses to drive first-party data?

As already stated, first-party data is extracted through direct interaction with the customers or users. Usually, users provide all the information during the time of sign-in to your business website. If they are facing hurdles during web authentication either they leave your website or fill wrong information. Wrong details drive business in a wrong direction. So it is very important for businesses to provide an easy and seamless way of web authentication.

Single sign-on method helps businesses in this situation. It is a user web authentication process in order to access multiple web applications and services of the same organization. That means if your business has multiple websites and users have to login each of them separately using unique ID credentials then SSO simplifies the process by allowing them to login all of them using only one username and password.

The method saves user’s time and the best part is, it provides reliable and safe first-party to the businesses by providing a unified customer view. Therefore, businesses have to nurture and safeguard its first-party data to achieve success in their niche.
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