Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Turn Down the customers

Businesses in this era have expanded their horizons to every area they possibly can. With expansion it is likely that competition too will increase and risk too will get increases. Risk of losing customers and business. This risk of losing everything makes businesses to opt for several other risks too so as to save their business, identity and customers.

Trends and Tastes are variable, they change with season or are uncertain of their time. It is very essential for businesses to know about these changing tastes of customers. Sometimes the change may not affect much in a businesses with respect to product or service but sometimes it does.  
For example a male hair salon. With change in trend, most males started having and maintaining beard, but are unaware of hairstyles  which suit them with different beard styles. Salons which are unaware of this trend or are late in  knowing about this trend may incur downfall in customers and eventually in business.

For online businesses , it is getting easier to know about such trends. With the help of a Identity management platform, businesses can now know more about their customers and Turn Down the ones who are not much of an asset.
It manages user registrations of users and saves their data called as customer data. With the help of this data, customer insights are generated. This generated insights helps in providing insights which are based on customer’s likes, interests and preferences. These insights vary with change in customer’s properties.

With the help of data collected and analysed, business can take risks of turning down some customers, customers who are not much beneficial to business. Customers which are not ideal customers.. If a business is not having any criteria for an ideal customer, then it is very much risky for a business to turn down customers as they are contributing to sales and business is unsure about their customers.

Turning down any type of customer is very risky but can also do wonders if proved effective.
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