Monday, 13 February 2017

Elements to not to miss after configuring woocommerce in your Wordpress site

Woo-commerce is a WordPress plugin which converts a simple WordPress website into an eCommerce website. It is a good choice to start a successful eCommerce website.
So if you are a website owner which has configured woo-commerce and is looking for elements which you might be missing and are essential for running a successful eCommerce site, then below are some of the suggestions and implementations which you might need.

Discount Coupons: They are an extension to woo-commerce capabilities. With some additional functionalities  like store credit, gift certificates, customized product specific coupons, importing multiple coupons using CSV file gets possible.  
It can be seen as one of the essential plugins to include in your eCommerce website.

Wordpress social sharing plugin: They are very much important for an eCommerce website. They can be used on products page or blog section so that users can share content on their social media profiles. Today everyone wants to share relevant and interesting content with their near and dear ones and sharing plugins make it convenient to happen.

SEO Plugin: This plugin helps in implementing SEO suggestions and optimize whole website. Who wants to miss SEO in their website, so do not forget to implement this plugin to your website. Generally SEO plugin is among top 5 plugins which have to be installed first but in case you have forgot to install and configure, this is the chance to make it happen.

Zoom-In Feature to Product Images:This feature comes default with woo-commerce but to enhance its functionality or replace this functionality for advance zooming functionality, additional plugin can also be installed.
It depends upon requirement, whether to use it or not. Some products require detailing like dresses, jewellery etc. so, this plugin is a must there.

These were some of the suggestions and elements to not to miss after configuring woo-commerce on your WordPress website.
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