Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Registration service are traffic boosters: Know how

Driving traffic to a website is very easy but driving quality traffic is less easy. According to different type of websites, requirement of traffic is also different.
In this post I will discuss contexting websites where engagements are most, like E-Commerce Sites, ticket booking sites etc.
The fact that for every business, their website can act as traffic magnet and bring leads for the business, makes it very essential to take care of the website.

One of the many problems such websites face is of Traffic. In traffic further problems associated with traffic type.
First one is low traffic and second one is low converting Traffic.

Their types are different but causes can be similar.

Low traffic can be because of poor marketing efforts. In marketing, relevancy is important and if a product or service is marketed at wrong destinations, then there is no chance of traffic back from those sources

Another reason for low traffic, which is also a similar reason for low converting traffic can be web elements which may be turning down customers or customer experience, and registration is one of such elements which may be turning down your old/new visitors.

Registrations on a website are meant to create identities so that it can be utilized by a visitor as well as business.
The reason behind registration being the culprit is sometimes visitors face certain barriers or restrictions which unable them to register or login on the website. The reason can be many.

Some of the reasons are :
Change in API’s.
Heavy load on server.
Poorly Coded Registration System
Outdated technology.

This way a visitor faces barriers and turn their intentions/actions other way.
They often choose to opt for other alternatives and perhaps badmouth. This not only harms traffic but also reputation.

Registration service is a SaaS based solution which can be used in place of traditional registration system on a website. They are highly customizable according to dynamic requirement, and also provides seamless user experience.

A dedicated registration service also fixes above mentioned reasons which are barring visitors from registration.

The fact that SaaS based services are managed by providers, they ensure proper dedication and service compared to self managed traditional registration.

As far as traffic is concerned, if visitors are getting seamless authentication experience, they will not leave the site because of registration.
A Registration service also has other ways of validating authentication like social login etc. which attracts and provides ease to visitors to choose their way of convenience.

For businesses, data handling and maintenance become no issue because most of the part is handled by service provider and data is in ready to use state.

This is how Traffic problem can be sorted out with the help of Registration service, ultimately leading to Traffic boost on website.  

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