Friday, 26 May 2017

How can I secure my wordpress website: Advance tips

This question arises in every ones mind who is running a wordpress website or wants it to run in future.
After finalizing plan for website, security is the second thing which comes in mind, and should come in mind.

If you have not followed through basic steps of wordpress security then go through this article on advances wordpress security tips which has basics as well as advanced tips other, apart from this article.

Below are some answers to your question:

Choosing a right hosting: A good hosting matters alot. Most of the people go for a cheap hosting which can hamper their website's performance as well as security. Most of such hostings are poorly configured with poor hardware which anytime can fail or cause internal loopholes in the server.
A good hosting can be bit costly but it will ensure security and uptime of your website. Top choices for wordpress hostings godaddy, namecheap, hostgator and linode.

Two-Factor authentication: Two factor authentication is a very secure way for securing user authentication on a website. It can be implemented with the help of plugins on a wordpress website.
In two factor authentication, a user is verified twice. Initially by user credentials and after that by email, sms or call.
The admin of website can choose according to its convenience, second factor for authentication.

Locking down access to .htaccess: .htaccess is an integral part of wordpress core. It can hold important configurations which can keep your website safe and running. This is why it is important to secure it too.

If someone remotely gets the access to .htaccess then they can alter some security configuration and allow unauthorized access to your website. From preventing this to happen. Thad the below code to deny access to your .htaccess file.
<Files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

I hope you will follow these tips and secure your wordpress website.

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