Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Social media: The right platform to build customer relationships

In 21st century, internet has rooted itself deeply into lives. Companies are using web executing most of the for administration tasks irrespective of the location.
Internet is playing a vital role in acquisition as well as research for new findings and business opportunities.   

Social media is one such platform, accessible by only internet which has proved itself to become an asset for businesses as well as customers.

Below we will discuss how we can use social media to build customer relationship.

Research: If you are into new business or currently executing any business, social media can prove to be a helpful tool for understand the demand and need.
The results can be implemented into real time because the results are coming from real people, which makes it genuine and reliable.

After understanding the specific needs and changing tastes of customers, customers can be targeted with varying time. This helps to to understanding with customers and customer service.

Going Social: To understand social media, one has to be on social media. Just being on social media won't help but including it in daily life definitely will help finding out new ways to improve customer relationships.

Including social media in website in form of social share buttons, social commenting, social stream etc. helps visitors to connect in a better way.
Every interaction with social elements on website is reflected on their social profiles which is noticed by their followers. This way the website gains an vote of trust  among followers and friends of person interacting.

Customer Service: It can be considered as a free medium to serve customers efficiently and quickly.
An official social page can be used for keeping followers informed about latest information related to businesses as well as can be used for serving customers with support request upto an extent.
Simple queries/suggestions/feedbacks can be delivered to business page owner via inbox and can be carry forward to advance support system in case of complexity.

This is how we can use social media for building customer relationships.
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