Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Two-Factor Authentication: Need of Modern Web Security

Having an online presence of a business has become one of the most important requirements of today’s modern digital era. Businesses are transforming themselves from the traditional form to online at an alarming rate. And why not, it is a great option to build presence globally in a short duration of time.

There are many factors associated with doing business online. Having information about products reputation and most importantly security are some of them. Customers share their private information with businesses in return of better and personalized services. In such scenario, it is a duty of businesses to safeguard their private data from the attackers.

Keeping customers data safe from the hands of cyber attackers is a new challenge for the website owners. There is a never-ending race between IT experts and hackers, so it is very important for business owners to implement the most effective solution against the cyber threats.

According to IT researchers, login to a website is a stage where most of the attacks took place. Therefore strengthening the authentication process is very important. One of the methods they suggest is implementing two-step authentication or 2FA.

As the name suggests, the solution adds an extra security layer. In this type of authentication process, in order to achieve access to a website, users have to pass through two different checkpoints. If they fail to prove their identity on any of the checkpoint, they will not be allowed to access services that are protected with 2FA.

OTP-based 2 FA is one of the most means of authentication. Search engine giants like Google and Yahoo or several other big names including Facebook, Twitter etc. are already suggested their users to enable 2 layer authentication to keep themselves secure.

The process is very important for industries like banking, insurance etc. where customers information is very critical. That is why you receive an OTP on your mobile phone whenever you make any online transaction.

Two-factor authentication has become the need of modern security world and it is gaining more popularity day by day. Enable the solution wherever it possible and save yourself from the trouble of cyber attack.

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