Monday, 18 September 2017

Merits and Demerits Of SSO

Today Single sign-on or SSO has become the basic requirement for all the organizations who have multiple websites. The solution makes the whole complex and time-consuming website authentication process not only easy but also quick.
SSO solution allows users to authenticate to multiple websites using one credential. Earlier users needed to create accounts on each web application to get access. The process requires lots of time and adds numbers of passwords to remember. But with single sign-on, users need to provide credentials only once and they get permission to access all the other websites without entering credentials again.

Definitely SSO is a great option if users have multiple websites (belong to the same business) to access but it has some disadvantages also. In this article, I am going to explain some advantages and disadvantages of a single sign-on solution.


Reduces passwords
Passwords are very hard to remember. Suppose you have to access 5 different websites for the same business. Five different websites means, need to create five different credentials and remember them. Very complex situation, right?  But the systems that are protected with SSO solution have only one password. So, SSO solution reduces the number of passwords.
Simplifies password management
This feature is basically for IT support team. If you are working in an organization where you have to access multiple systems as part of your job, and when you leave the organization, IT team only has to decommission one account. This saves their time. SSO is very helpful for them in managing users or employees passwords.
Saves money
By reducing the number of support help desk call for resetting passwords, the solution saves money that is being spent on IT support team.

Now some disadvantages:

Single leak and you will lose everything
If you login to multiple accounts from one identity provider and somehow hacker manages to get your user account on the identity provider, he gets the authorized access to all resources that belong to you.
It doesn’t work if identity provider is down
For any of the reason, if identity provider is not responding, the SSO solution stops working and users can not able to login any of the resources that are linked to it.
These are some advantages and disadvantages of a single sign-on solution.

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